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Quick update – Astro app gets facelift & HTC Hero Kernel is released

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I have been busy looking for another hosting options for this blog hence I have not been updating, apologies on that. However, I may be moving to someplace new in a while and I will definitely re-direct readers there.

That aside, just some short updates. I have been dutifully checking in Market for new updates to my existing apps and to my surprise ASTRO, the popular file manager has been updated with a nice new UI and icon! Functionality is still pretty much the same, check out the app in Market for the full changelog. (Note: It appears to be in Beta and expires on 12/31)

Also, HTC has announced via Twitter that the Hero’s kernel has been released so keep an eye out for more custom roms and user developed apps. I am looking forward to apps and widgets that extends the functionality of the Hero and all other Android phones. All this and for more (custom roms), please make it a point to check in with Xda Developers. Some implications of the less tech-inclined readers out there, it means that developers can work on Bluetooth file transfer apps for the Hero. It opens up a world of possibilities for exisiting and new apps.

I have a post that is in the midst of writing, this time, I am touching on how to keep your Hero quick on it’s feet and to bring lag to a minimum! Stay tuned!

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Help needed!

October 19, 2009 8 comments

I am thinking of possibly taking this blog from being hosted for free on wordpress to a paid hosting site. Does anyone know of any decent webhosts with good support for wordpress?

I would love to customize and tweak the design of the site but I need to pay for CSS editing so it is a better option to host it on my own site. Please drop me your comments for a good webhost if you know any, and it doesn’t hurt if it’s affordable.

If you want to contribute money for the hosting of the site, please let me know.

Your help is greatly appreciated! ­čÖé

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This just in! Android 2.0 screenshots!

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ll never fully understand why we have to get Donut 1.6 then finally Eclair 2.0 (and then Flan but that’s a story for another day). But really, can we just go straight to 2.0?

See the screenshots of 2.0 from Boy Genius Report

When I see such posts about 2.0, it just makes me crave for it so badly. ETA of 2.0: Q2 of 2010.

Pass the coffee for my Donut please.

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App Talk: Locale

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Today I will review the app: Locale

Locale is an app that allows you to set the way your phone responds under certain Situations. On my Hero, I have situations such as Low Battery. When my battery level hits 30%, Locale will kick in and set brightness to lowest so as to preserve battery life. Another situation is Update Feeds. Locale integrates with NewsRob hence I am able to set Locale to get Hero to connect to the wi-fi in my office and start download feeds from 4pm – 5pm so that I can read my feeds once I knock off at 6pm. Last but not least, I have a Sleep situation where my phone will be on silent mode from 1am – 8am. Volume will reverted to the last setting so that I get uninterrupted sleep.

You add situations in Locale easily, and there are a few default conditions and settings available for you to tweak. I am hoping that there will be more functions to tweak and more apps to be integrated into Locale but for now, it gets things done. You can do things like setting Locale to detect your location and setting a condition (e.g. silent mode when you reach office) so that you won’t have to worry about it.

The best thing is Locale is free so go ahead, try it and let me know if it’s good for you!

* Images from Cryket

Locale in Cryket

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Sorry for the delay

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve not been around as my previous Hero was exchanged for another set due to the volume key and some bright pixels. Turns out that the set they gave was far worse than my last set.

So I have been re-installing my apps, re-configuring my phone and play with apps so as to write reviews.

Keep checking back! I will post some stuff up in a bit.

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10 Should-Have Apps for the Newbie on Android!

October 8, 2009 2 comments

Alright here’s my list of should have free (except 1) apps for the Android OS. I will follow up with my segment of App Talk to review them in greater depth.

  1. ASTRO File Manager – Name is self explanatory
  2. TasKiller┬á / Advanced Task Killer – There’s a lot of different programs doing the same thing. It’s good since it clears up memory and helps when your phone feels sluggish
  3. Pure Grid / Pure Calendar – Looking to replace the stock calendar on your phone? Feel that you need to have an agenda view of your appointments? Look no further than this app. The best out there yet. It’s a paid app and for those without access to the paid apps on Market, click here to buy.
  4. GDocs – Allows you to create .docs on the go. Create first, sync later. You can access it on a computer and retrieve them from your Google Docs account.
  5. NewsRob – If you are a RSS junkie like I am, this is the reader for you. It’s free, it’s one of the better ones, it syncs with Google Reader!
  6. 3G WatchDog – Set your data plan’s free data bundle into this app and it will monitor your usage for you.
  7. BatteryLife (widget by CurveFish) – 1 of the better battery apps out there. IMHO.
  8. Locale – Going to bed and don’t want to be disturbed by your phone? Need your phone to log on and download your RSS feeds at 5pm before you head for home? Locale allows you to set and determine how your phone will react in certain conditions, all to your hearts’ content.
  9. FX Camera – It’s a fun camera app. The stock cam is all fine and dandy but all work and no play is not what Android is about! (Just look at the mascot and names of updates) This app goes well with PicSay, a fun photo editor.
  10. Backgrounds – Wanna spiff up your phone without trawling the web for wallpapers? This app is made for you.

* Bonus: Dead Pixel Checker – Checks for dead pixels over a series of solid-coloured background

For the recent batch of HTC Hero released not too long ago in Singapore, there has been a lot of complaints of dead/bright pixel and “stars” that plague the LCD screen. No one has yet to establish if it’s a batch issue at this moment.

I will come back with more, keep checking back!

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Tips & Tricks of the HTC Hero

October 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Some simple  tips and tricks I have gathered and compiled here:

  1. In a dark location, simply scroll using your trackball to light up the other keys.
  2. To quickly set a song as your ringtone, go to Music Player, locate the song and play it, press Menu and choose Set as Ringtone.
  3. To quickly unlock your screen, press Menu on your lock screen.

More to come shortly!

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