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Quick update – Astro app gets facelift & HTC Hero Kernel is released

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been busy looking for another hosting options for this blog hence I have not been updating, apologies on that. However, I may be moving to someplace new in a while and I will definitely re-direct readers there.

That aside, just some short updates. I have been dutifully checking in Market for new updates to my existing apps and to my surprise ASTRO, the popular file manager has been updated with a nice new UI and icon! Functionality is still pretty much the same, check out the app in Market for the full changelog. (Note: It appears to be in Beta and expires on 12/31)

Also, HTC has announced via Twitter that the Hero’s kernel has been released so keep an eye out for more custom roms and user developed apps. I am looking forward to apps and widgets that extends the functionality of the Hero and all other Android phones. All this and for more (custom roms), please make it a point to check in with Xda Developers. Some implications of the less tech-inclined readers out there, it means that developers can work on Bluetooth file transfer apps for the Hero. It opens up a world of possibilities for exisiting and new apps.

I have a post that is in the midst of writing, this time, I am touching on how to keep your Hero quick on it’s feet and to bring lag to a minimum! Stay tuned!

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