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Switcher’s guide: iPhone to Android

July 23, 2010 2 comments

Hi faithful readers, just a quick note to let you know I’m still well and alive although I must apologize for the very long time away from updating with new posts. 2 major reasons for my disappearance: 1) HTC taking ages to release 2.1 for HTC Hero (hence I got pissed and neglected my HTC) and 2) I bought a new Blackberry Bold 2 and have been using it. But not to worry, both system have their hits and misses, and I will continue to update.

Today’s update is not an original post that I wrote up but nonetheless a good one. It’s a switcher’s guide from iPhone to Android. Hold the gasping but yes, there are people deflecting from the Apple camp to Android. While it is not a contest of fanboyism, I see it as a good thing since these people will be exposed to both OS and as consumers, would be able to come up with good feedback for companies to bring their game to a higher level.

This article can be found on LifeHacker (I adore this site) and without further blabbing, here you go.

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