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Nexus One, Google & World Domination

January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

What you see in my post title is synonymous. Google is taking the mobile world by storm first with Android and now, the Nexus One. Competition often leads to innovative products, with consumers standing to gain with their spoils from the bloody aftermath of corporate marketing.

And right now, Nexus One is live. Currently launching in UK, US, Singapore and Hong Kong as test markets, you can purchase your very own Nexus One here, contrary to previous statements that the phone will only be available on an by-invitation basis.

On Google’s website for Nexus One, you are able to click on the icons to see how each app works as well as a 3D tour of the phone. I am most excited with the Maps app as Google flexed their prowess to show us the next level turn-by-turn navigation complete with what seems to be street view coupled with layers.

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