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Happy 2010!

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

The girl would like to wish all readers Happy New Year and may this year be one of the best for you!

Also, we will all wait to see what is coming up next for Android. Hopefully the much talked about 2.1 update will come soon to all who have been waiting for it. I promise to churn out more quality content within the means of my schedule. 🙂

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Current status on Hero

December 15, 2009 1 comment

The Android’s Eclair update is taking a little longer than I thought it would, and it’s with good reason too. Google is the power house to contend with and endowed with a brain factory seemingly big enough to keep pushing updates after updates.

Just as we have heard about Eclair, Flan came about and stole the thunder from Eclair and whets our collective appetite. Developers are all working double time to keep up and I personally believe this is why there are such limited apps for Android at the moment.

Unlike Apple, Google does not push their updates in a unified manner, and we get fragmentation of the Android OS happening. We have the Motorola Droid released on Android 2.0 and now it’s updated to 2.0.1 as you read. The Hero is left in it’s shadows, trembling miserably in the corner. It is my wish when I wake up in the morning that I will get to read news of the 2.0 update coming to Hero but till then, I can only envy the other users.

P.S: Does anyone know how to solve the driver error when installing the Dream ADB interface? I am unable to take screenshots and I have a slew of reviews just pending screenshots.

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HTC Hero gets some Android 2.1 love!

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

This is probably what Hero users might just be waiting for with bated breath! Android 2.1 was spotted to be running on HTC Hero, from what was originally thought to be the popular Motorola Droid. It’s good news, at least Hero users know that an update is in the works, only doubt left would be if Hero is to receive a 2.0 or 2.1 Android update.

Just a note, HTC mentioned that they are working on an update for Eclair aka 2.0 but let’s not forget that carriers play a part in distributing the updates.

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Apps for Singapore Market

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

After getting my phone back and setting it up, I noticed that both Straits Times and Channel News Asia respectively have apps for news on the go. I’m only beginning to try The Straits Times as I read in the comments that Channel News Asia’s app doesn’t seem to be working at this moment.

So if you’re keen in local news apps, just these a try.

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Seesmic out now on Android!

November 23, 2009 2 comments

If you tweet and want to use something else apart from HTC’s Peep or the well established Twidroid, good news! Seesmic is now available for Android! I’m still setting it up and I will post some user feedback soon.

To find out more from the official Seesmic site, simply click here.


Seesmic is not working well for me. It does not respond when I try to start it, I’ve only managed to get it working when I just downloaded it. All I can say now is, works like your usual Twitter client. If you’re on Twidroid, I suggest you stick to it.

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New apps out

November 9, 2009 2 comments

Here’s a couple of new and interesting apps out on the market lately, have a look.

It’s an app for those who wants to know more about their 3G speeds by the popular site Speedtest. They have 1 for the iPhone, and now they are spreading their love to Android.

Photoshop by Adobe

The industry standard app for photo editing comes to your android phone! This app really needs no introduction and all you need can be found right here.

P.s: I am unable to access the Photoshop app, for some reason it does not appear in the Market. Can you guys share your experiences with me to see if you can access it? Thanks!

Edit: Apparently it is only available in the US market. Assuming it’s a free app I suppose you can get your hands on the apk file and have a go at it. 🙂

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